Preventing situations augments business continuity.

Kalidarscope is a force multiplier.

It helps optimize the operations of an organization.

The platform enables monitoring and preempting known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities.

Kalidarscope has partnered with industry leader 3VR for Video Management and Video Analytics Solutions.

Situation Management

Kalidarscope’s situation management framework integrates all of user’s security systems, including but not limited to, access control systems, fire and moisture detection systems, motion sensing systems and video surveillance systems into a single centralized command center and control system. This command and control center will be implemented in a cost-effective manner. This system is fully auditable. The creation of a centralized command and control center will serve to reduce costs by decreasing the number of personnel required to monitor the elements of a decentralized systems....

Video Management

Videos are the fastest growing type of data today and the continued demand for video is driving the need for more effective and efficient search capabilities.The 3VR Video Management System offers unique capabilities to leverage surveillance video data for security, loss prevention and customer insights such as in-store buying habits and trends. By utilizing a more efficient video search capability, the 3VR platform facilitates the ability to search vast volumes of video to find what you are looking for in minutes using specific criteria such as facial images, license plate numbers, and object characteristics.....

Video & Sensor

In many situations, it is more practical to record video than to have real time human monitoring for every location that an enterprise wants to monitor. Kalidarscope’s video analytics provides the capability to review these video recordings as data, providing search engine like speeds to find the footage you are looking for. This intelligent surveillance can perform advanced searches using an array of analytics including facial recognition, people counting, object tracking, demographics and license plate recognition and find relevant video footage from multiple location simultaneously....




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