Public Sector

Complete video network management solution

Complete video network management solution

3VR Video Analytics provides organizations with actionable and complete intelligence. It enables law enforcement, security personnel and city officials, and business managers to respond to situations in real time. It provides tools that help in performing granular analysis of prior events from the recorded videos assisting with investigations.

Additional tools allow business managers and marketers to gain valuable insight into customer patterns and trends.

Private Sector

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Highly scalable network video recorders for any size installation

Record, store, index and manage video with Kalidarscope’s NVRs and Hybrid NVRs. Pre-loaded with Kalidarscope VMS video management software, the recorders offer seamless integration with POS, Access Control, ATM, and other systems. When combined with Kalidarscope’s award-winning analytics, the backbone of Kalidarscope’s forensic search capabilities, the all-in-one system becomes an even more powerful solution providing business intelligence and the ability to find evidence fast.