Integrates with most access control systems

The Kalidarscope VMS integrates with most popular access control solutions, such as software house, Lenel, and DMP to organize operations and access cards. All events in a specific location can be viewed live. When using compatible alarm panels and systems, video management can be calibrated to alert security personnel, as well as increasing video quality to provide a live feed from the point of alarm


Integrates with Diebold and Others.

The video management can be synced with major ATM and Teller platforms, including Diebold. Surveillance linked to specific accounts, tellers, transactions, and more can be utilized to rapidly perform investigations through video by using SmartView. ATM transactions can be paired with photos to resolve fraudulent activity

Point of Sale (POS)

Reduce Shrinkage

Retail theft can be more easily resolved by integration POS systems with Kalidarscope VMS. The synchronization of transaction records with video surveillance provides user friendly viewing of video associated with specific transactions. High priority transactions such as returns or “no sales” can be filtered to expedite transaction review.


Accelerate investigations

Kalidarscope VMS can be used alongside Exception-based Reporting systems, in order to use the information gathered from Point-of-sale registers to investigate suspicious patterns. Clients can sync EBR software with SmartSearch technology to decrease the amount of time necessary to resolve investigations, which will save time and money.

Central Station

All video feeds in one place.

The Central Station platform is capable of connecting multiple systems together in order to filter real threats from false alarms. By connecting access control, alarms, and any other systems to the Central Station, Kalidarscope surveillance can be linked to other notifications to identify faces, license plates, motion, etc...


Integrates your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems

Kalidarscope can be linked with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, including MTI and Sennco to alert staff when an EAS tag has been moved or removed from merchandise. The system can be programmed to respond to these alerts by improving video quality as well as providing on screen information regarding the cause of the alarms.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Increase efficiency and prevent wastage

It is important for a business to secure employees and assets. A video surveillance which is often seen as a tool for safety and security; however, an effective integration of video surveillance system with the ERP can help in several ways like employee performance, audit trail, customer records of shipment with video evidence and protect from theft and unwarranted circumstances. An ERP system will become more effective when combined with Video Analytics would help in identifying and minimizing wastage, eliminating inefficiencies and improve customer relations.

Physical security information management (PSIM)

More effective security platform

Kalidarscope can be integrated with any third party security systems that is already adopted by an organization. It may be used along with other sensors and security appliances to provide a more effective and intelligent surveillance platform. Several legacy security devices like access control, sensors, networks, etc. may be used to empower the personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations.